As the first thing visitors see when coming to your home, your entryway is extremely important and can leave a lasting impression. With this in mind, you'll want to make sure that you have entry doors that not only offer functionality features but also show off your unique style and taste preferences.

Perhaps, you've been considering door replacement recently but aren't sure about replacing the entire frame as well. The good news is that you're in luck because it is possible to replace the door without replacing the frame—and we're going to tell you how you can do this. However, before we get into that, we thought that you might want to know a little more about us.

Since 1999, Sandia Sunrooms & Windows has been the top door replacement company in Albuquerque, offering a wide range of solutions. With a team of dedicated experts providing insight and advice for your home, you'll be able to find a new door that matches your personality and functions as it should.

Replacing Your Doors without Replacing the Frame

The truth is, there are a lot of homeowners in New Mexico that want to replace their doors, but they're worried about damaging or having to replace the frame. By being careful and following simple directions, you can achieve a beautiful new door without having to touch the frame. Here's how it's done:

  • Remove the Old Door: Use a cordless gun to unscrew the hinges from the jamb. Leaving the hinges on the door, place the door with the exterior side down on top of two sawhorses. You can then remove the doorknob. Take the new door and lay it down on top of the old door, using a pencil to trace the hinges.
  • Size it Out: Stand the new door on its side with the hinges facing up. Place the hinges on the door as if they were ready to be attached. Cut around your tracings with a utility knife.
  • Screw and Install: Insert the hinge plates into the cut-out area and screw them to the door. Holding the new door against the frame, tap the hinges into place and use a screw gun to secure it to the edge.

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