Seeking shade? If so, you might be familiar with pergolas and patio covers—and wondering which one would best serve your needs for your backyard remodeling project. While both pergolas and patio covers are stylish shade structures that can add beautiful aesthetic appeal and wonderful shade capacity to your property, they’re very different from each other. At Sandia Sunrooms & Windows, we’re dedicated to providing superior home remodeling services with custom products and installations designed exclusively for you. If you’re struggling to decide between a pergola and a patio cover, take a look at this helpful guide from our experts to learn the differences between each one.

The Difference Between Pergolas and Patio Covers

Pergolas and patio covers are often confused with one another, but it’s actually very easy to tell the difference between the two once you learn what each one is. Pergolas are freestanding, partial-shade structures used in gardens, open spaces, or over walkways. Patio covers, on the other hand, are full-shade structures attached to the rest of the house construction adding square footage to your home. Furthermore, a pergola is not a completely covered space and has an open roof to allow sunlight to stream in sparingly. A patio enclosure is fully covered and is essentially an extension of your home (and is often used as a separate, open-air, outdoor room of sorts).  Both are functional for many purposes, but in general, pergolas are more about aesthetics—while patio covers are more functional. 

When to Choose a Pergola

Pergolas can allow you to enjoy your backyard space immensely and customized in endless ways. For example, a pergola can be designed with curtains for extra privacy, or latticework on the beams or rooftop to allow vines, honeysuckle, and other creeping plants to form natural walls surrounding the space.

Many homeowners choose partial-shade structures such as pergolas as their less expensive alternatives to a gazebo. They also love the airy, natural-looking beauty they add to the yard. You can have your pergola designed to match your home in materials ranging from natural wood to metal, vinyl, and others, and painted to suit your preferences.

When to Choose a Patio Cover 

A patio cover is ideal for homeowners that would like to get better use out of their patio or deck areas attached to their homes. As full-shade structures, patio covers shield and protect the home from the sun, rain, hail, and snow, and make it possible to keep furniture and other items outside without the risk of damage from the weather. Patio covers require a bit more of an investment than a pergola, however, they’re less expensive than a sunroom construction and can prove to add serious value to the home when premium materials are used and if they’re installed correctly. Patio covers are ideal for those that want to add space to their home’s layout. It’s also perfect for people that want to enjoy their yards while still feeling connected to the rest of the home. After all, a patio area can be equipped with power outlets and will benefit from a stronger wi-fi connection than space further out in the yard will, which means you can enjoy your patio and your electronics without interruption.

Beautiful Patio Covers and Pergolas in New Mexico

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