It’s no secret that homes with older or low-quality windows can save money by upgrading with energy-efficient window products. This is because energy-efficient windows are adept at preventing energy loss through the window seals. They’re also designed to provide exceptional insulation that prevents your A/C from working overtime to keep your indoor temperatures at a comfortable level.

Aside from lowering your monthly utility bills, energy-efficient window replacements offer other important benefits that some homeowners are unaware of. At Sandia Sunrooms and Windows, we’re committed to improving our customer’s homes with the best window products on the market—and are always excited to share the benefits of premium-quality, energy-efficient window replacements. 

If you’re interested in raising your home value and enjoying a better place to live, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll go beyond the bill to reveal some of the most important benefits that come with making the switch to a more energy-efficient lifestyle. 

Beyond the Bill: The Lesser Known Advantages of Energy-Efficient Windows

At Sandia Sunrooms and Windows, we’ve noticed that homeowners are typically aware of the savings they can enjoy with more energy-efficient windows. The amount they can save will range widely, usually between 10-25% depending on various factors. Beyond the savings, however, the benefits are less known. Here are some of our favorite reasons to upgrade with high-quality, energy-efficient windows:

  • Indoor Comfort: Low-e glass features a thin, transparent coating that reflects heat while retaining indoor air inside where it belongs. This means that your home’s temperature will be much easier to manage in hot and cold weather—leading to a more comfortable indoor living environment throughout the year.
  • Advanced UV Protection: Low-e window glass was created in part to reduce the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light streaming into the home. Dangerous UV rays are minimized by up to 75%, making your home a safer place for you and your family to live in.
  • Anti-Frost Protection: In older windows, foggy windows are a typical winter occurrence. While it might seem normal, condensation and frost build-up covering the windows will make your home colder and work against your home’s A/C unit. In energy-efficient windows, low-E glass is designed to resist and repel condensation and frost.
  • Brighter Lighting: Older and less-efficient window products are usually tinted to reduce glare and minimize heat transfer. In energy-efficient windows, however, the design of the products makes tinting unnecessary, which means you’ll enjoy more natural light and a brighter living environment inside the home.
  • No Solar Damage: Over time, the sun will cause furniture, carpeting, wood trim, and more of your belongings to fade. Low-e window coatings will reduce the UV rays that enter your home and keep your belongings safer by up to 75%. 

Affordable Energy-Efficient Windows for Albuquerque Homes

At Sandia Sunroom and Windows, we’re proud to serve as your most trusted window experts in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas. We love helping our customers make the best choices to enhance their homes—with premium products from top brands like the Infinity from Marvin Windows, and a whole range of affordable, innovative products that add beauty, functionality, and serious value to your home investment. 

If you’re interested in making your home a more attractive and valuable place to live, energy-efficient windows can make a huge difference. To learn more, contact us by giving us a call to speak with a representative now. Or, fill out our easy online form to schedule a free, in-home pricing estimate and consultation for your window replacement.

We offer Marvin windows as well as other top brands, featuring a durable material called Ultrex, which is eight times stronger than vinyl. They are also engineered with state-of-the-art glass technology designed to offer outstanding thermal efficiency, reducing your heating and cooling bills. When you want the best Albuquerque windows, come to us.