If you are looking for a way to spruce up the exterior of your home, adding a pergola can be a great addition. Pergolas are outdoor garden constructions that are usually placed on back patios, in gardens, or of homes, wherever you’d like for an aesthetically pleasing covered area to your property. Being made of different types of materials, custom pergolas can be built to fit your specifications and design preferences.

Pergolas are typically used for entertaining guests, for providing shade outside to enjoy a beautifully landscaped yard, to create open-air, outdoor exercise areas, and for many other uses. Using a professional pergola builder such asSandia Sunrooms & Windows to build your partial shade sunrooms will ensure it is built safe and secure. 

At Sandia Sunrooms, we’re experts in sunroom construction—and help our customers upgrade their homes with gorgeous sunrooms, porch enclosures, pergolas, and more. In this article, we’re going over some of the best reasons to consider building a pergola on your property—and how this beautiful addition can enhance your Albuquerque home.

Upgrade with More Shade

Pergolas are a way to add a nice, shady area to the property. While a full coverage patio roof is another alternative for more shade, pergolas are different in that they are much more versatile in where you’re able to put them. They also add a combination of sunlight and shade that can be quite pleasing for backyard barbeques, picnics, pool parties, and more. Choosing different widths of wood will allow you to control how much shade you get during different times of the day when the sun is in different positions.

Pegula’s Add More Entertainment Space

With the elegant designs of a pergola, you can seriously upgrade your outdated patio to make for a more inviting entertainment space. You can add plants, curtains, and string lights to the wood braces to add a custom touch to your patio to make it more of an entertainment area rather than just a patio. By the addition of shade, you can turn an otherwise unused part of your backyard to a more frequently used space.

Aesthetic Appeal

Pergolas are built in a distinct way that is very appealing to the eye—and can tie together your entire outdoor area in one elegant finish. The various lengths of wood, cut and bolted across each other in lattice or other designs can add a beautiful new style to just about any yard. By painting or staining the wood, you can match your custom pergola to suit the rest of your home décor.

They Can Add Value

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to upgrade the value of your home while adding more shade to your backyard, a pergola is a great choice. Professionally built pergolas can add more value to your house and help to attract buyers by presenting an inviting backyard entertainment space.

Privacy, Please!

Pergolas can be wide open—or they can be closed off with walls, partial walls, curtains, and other features for more privacy. Whether it’s to keep bugs out or just to escape into your own little oasis, curtains on pergolas can really upgrade the look of your patio.

Custom Built Albuquerque Patio Covers

Since 1999, Sandia Sunrooms has been providing the Albuquerque patio covers and other home improvement solutions for our customers in New Mexico. Leading the industry in not only quality products and craftsmanship—but also personalized service and customer-first policies, we’re proud to serve our customers in New Mexico with beautiful, long-lasting sunroom additions. 

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