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In one recent news article posted on abc7news.com, a couple in San Jose, California faces 33 felony charges for defrauding clients of over $800,000 for disastrous contract work, including unsatisfactory sunroom constructionsThough this particular case has been widely referred to as one of the biggest contractor scams in recent historythese types of crimes are not rare occurrences. In fact, contractor scams are a common problem across the country, and knowing how to avoid them can save homeowners from a potentially traumatic and devastating experience. Deciding on which Albuquerque sunroom contractor to hire for your next home improvement project can be an intense and challenging process, due to the amount of money and time invested in sunroom construction projects. A bad contractor can turn your home renovation dreams into a nightmare, by charging too much money for unsatisfactory work, substandard materials, missed deadlines, or outright fraud.

At Sandia Sunrooms & Windows, we’re dedicated to providing top-quality sunroom construction services for homeowners in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas. We understand how difficult it can be to find a reliable contractor, and how easy it is to become a victim to construction scams. In this article, our expert team of contractors has compiled a list of the top warning signs to watch out for when hiring a company to build your new home addition, so that you can learn when to walk away from a potentially disastrous situation.

Too Much Money is Being Requested Upfront

One of the most common warning signs to watch out for is the amount of money required as a down payment for services not yet rendered. If the company is asking an unreasonably huge amount of money upfront, for example, more than 15% of the total amount of the contract, homeowners are strongly cautioned to be wary of a potentially fraudulent situation

Say No to Verbal Contracts and Get it in Writing

A contract serves as legal protection for both you and the contractor. Always remember that everything should be put into writing in the form of a contract so that both sides know what to expect, potential disputes can be resolved easily. A contractor who doesn’t want to sign a contract, or never mentions one, should be considered as a giant red flag for the homeowner.

A Missing (or Non-Existent) Portfolio

A contractor who cannot provide a single proof of past work may not have enough experience to handle the complicated task of building a sunroom. Legit companies will be able to show you work samples and feedback from their previous clients, which should be carefully scrutinized by the homeowner to evaluate their past performance. 

No License, Insurance, or Registration

Even if there are laws in place which require contractors to be registered and licensed, these don’t typically stop fraudulent companies from seeking out customers to swindle. Make sure that you research the company you’re interested in hiring to ensure that it operates legally, and ask for a certificate of insurance. Without an insurance policy, the homeowner will be the one held liable in case an accident occurs within the property.

Hiring a Trustworthy Albuquerque Sunroom Contractor

Whether you want a studio sunroom, a cathedral sunroom, a gabled sunroom, or any other type of sunroom, all sunrooms are a wonderful way to enhance the beauty and prestige of your home’s exterior and interior. Since 1999, Sandia Sunrooms & Windows & Windows hasearned a reputation for excellence and reliability as one of the top Albuquerque sunroom contractors in the area

Because we are fully licensed, insured, and bonded, you will have the peace of mind that we operate legally and are not one of the many fraud contractors out there. All of our Sandia Sunrooms & Windows built by experienced certified professionals and also come with lifetime warranties and flexible payment options. 

If you want to learn more about our sunrooms, window installation, custom shower enclosures, and other top quality services, contact Sandia Sunrooms & Windows today and get a free estimate! To get started, give us a call now to speak with an agent about your home remodeling project, or fill out our online form to schedule your free, in-home, no-obligation price estimate today.