When you are planning on improving the backyard area, it can be difficult to decide how to proceed. There are so many options to choose from, such as decks, patios, sunroom additions, and patio covers. At Sandia Sunrooms & Windows, we have a selection of products for New Mexico homeowners that are all excellent for enhancing your outdoor space. What you choose will depend on what you have built already and the most important function of the new addition.

If you are mainly focused on providing cover from the sun and the elements, then you'll want to look at exterior enclosures and overhead covers. Let's take a look at the benefits of the two most common options, patio covers and sunrooms.

Keeping It Simple with Patio Covers

A patio cover can do a lot to keep your family cool when enjoying the outside by simply providing shade. Sandia Sunrooms & Windows also have a range of options in covers that meet a variety of feature requirements, including affordability, full or partial shade, and architectural style of the home. You might want to consider one of these options for your property if you already have a patio or want to keep the budget low:

● Pergolas: Allow the breeze to enter your patio area, while still blocking up to 60% of the sun's UV rays. These structures are also extremely durable and affordable options.

● Arbors: A similar structure to a pergola, an arbor also incorporates some latticework or a trellis into it for additional privacy or climbing plants.

● Full Patio Covers: The best option for you may be a more traditional roof over your heads. Full shade structures block out all of the sun and can also keep the occasional bout of rain or snow off of your head too.

Bringing the Outside in with Sunrooms

We also have several options for sunroom additions that NM homeowners may want to invest in. These rooms allow you to enjoy the sunlight and views, without feeling the heat. Our sunroom additions are very durable and all of them come with a lifetime warranty. We know you'll have a lot of fun deciding which one to have built, depending on your needs and wish list. Some of our sunroom options include:

● All Season Sunrooms: When you want to use your sunroom all year long, we'll custom build one with heating and cooling capabilities. Additional insulation helps keep all season sunrooms from losing warmth in the winter months.

● Cathedral Sunrooms: Beautiful vaulted ceilings and a large window filled space make these sunrooms ideal for gatherings. The added height also allows for ceiling fans to keep everyone cooler.

● Studio Sunrooms: A studio sunroom looks good on almost any home design. These spaces can be made smaller and potentially integrated into the home's architecture to look like they've always been there.

As an experienced exterior home remodeling company, Sandia Sunrooms & Windows is able to help you with installing just about any addition. We're also happy to provide window replacement and replacement doors to improve energy efficiency and your home's safety. We use Infinity from Marvin windows, which are stylish and extremely efficient. The Ultrex fiberglass frames are eight times stronger than vinyl, and very low maintenance too.

If you are interested in completing a home improvement project, give us a call or fill out our online contact form. We'll help you schedule a free, in-home consultation with a price estimate.