Both bay windows and bow windows have the ability to completely transform the appearance of the interior and exterior of your home. They project out from your house, giving you some extra space inside and adding visual interest and dimension to the outside. These replacement windows are a cost-effective way to add value, style, and energy efficiency to your home, and choosing the right style is what makes all the difference.

Differences Between Bay and Bow Windows

So what differences are there between these windows and which one is right for your Santa Fe window replacement project?

Panels of Glass and Appearance

A bay window is comprised of three panels of glass while a bow window has three, four, or more window panels, known as lites. Because there are only three panels on bay windows, they have a much more angular appearance than bow windows, which often have a softer, more semi-circle look than bay windows.

Amount of Natural Light

If you’re looking to really flood your home with natural light, a bow window is a great choice. With more panels of glass, you get the benefit of tons of added sunlight.

Architectural Style

Ultimately, either style of window can be constructed to look amazing on any style of home and it really comes down to personal preference. Bay windows are often found on more modern homes, while bow windows are common on Victorian homes. Both styles of windows can incorporate additional windows such as a picture window or double hung windows to create a one-of-a-kind exterior for your home.

Contact the Santa Fe Window Experts

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