Now that the holidays are in full swing, your schedule is probably full to the brim with party planning, decorating, gift-hunting, baking… And the list goes on.

With so much excitement in the air, you may feel too hurried to worry about regular home improvement projects—but if you can spare the time, the holiday season is actually a great time to replace your windows!

Leaky Windows? Replace Them Before the Cold Hits

Why You Should Replace Your Windows Now

At Sandia Sunrooms & Windows, we’ve been in the New Mexico window replacement business since 1999. Based on our decades of experience, here are four reasons you may want to consider installing new windows before the worst of winter arrives.

1. More Comfortable Interior

Drafty or leaky windows can put a serious damper on holiday cheer, not only forcing you to spend extra money on heating but also preventing you from relaxing in the cozy atmosphere you envision. By upgrading to new windows, you can keep your family and guests warm on even the chilliest Santa Fe evening.

Pro Tip: For home insulation that can withstand the toughest winter weather, choose a reputable line of windows like Infinity from Marvin. These windows are crafted from Ultrex fiberglass that’s 8 times stronger than standard vinyl!

2. Easier Day-to-Day Use

Whether you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve celebration or are hustling around the house to prepare for out-of-town guests, you’ll definitely appreciate the increased functionality of new windows during this busy holiday season. For the most effortless opening and closing, consider a timeless and low-maintenance style like slider windows.

3. Enhanced Curb Appeal

Nothing makes holiday decorations stand out against your New Mexico home like a brand-new set of beautiful windows. At Sandia Sunrooms & Windows, we specialize in fully customized house windows that are sure to complement your exterior décor—not only this holiday season but all year long!

4. Long-Term Cost Savings

From giving gifts and cooking extravagant meals to travelling to see family, it’s no surprise that the holidays can take a toll on your wallet. By investing in your Santa Fe home with energy-efficient windows, you’ll benefit from years of reduced energy bills and maintenance, putting more money in your pocket every month. Although you’ll pay more upfront, many homeowners find the ongoing cost savings (and added home value) to be well worth the upgrade.

Get a Free Quote for Your Santa Fe Window Replacement Today!

At Sandia Sunrooms & Windows, we specialize in installations of Infinity from Marvin windows—a high-performance product line from one of the most renowned manufacturers in the nation. In fact, as a distinguished 2016 Infinity Premier Partner, we’ve been recognized for both exceptional installation results and customer-first service.

So for this holiday season, why not work with us to give your family a gift that will keep on giving for years to come? Call us to find out more about our energy-efficient window replacement services, or request your free, no-obligation estimate by completing our quick online form now!