Why It's a Great Idea to Add a Sunroom

Whether you've lived in Albuquerque for many decades or just a few months, you know that we see a lot of sun. But do you know just how much "a lot of sun" actually is? According to the National Climactic Data Center, Albuquerque gets on average 3,418 hours of sunshine per year. That comes out to over 9 hours of sunshine every single day!

When you're living in such a sun-filled city, why not take advantage of Mother Nature's vibrant natural light? Adding a sunroom not only lets you fully enjoy the New Mexico sun — it also adds valuable living space and functionality to your home. Keep reading to find out just four reasons why an Albuquerque sunroom installation is always a good idea.

Why Go for a Sunroom Installation?

  1. Sunrooms Create Extra Space for Living, Entertaining, Working, and Playing.

    Sunrooms are incredibly versatile and can be used for nearly anything you can imagine: a family room, a workout room, a home office—even a spur-of-the-moment guest bedroom! Whether you want a large space for neighborhood get-togethers or a cozy spot to read at sunrise, your sunroom installation is yours to use as exactly as you want.

    Tip: How you plan to use your sunroom can help you choose the best type for your needs. If you want to use the space all year long, for example, consider investing in a heated and cooled all-season sunroom.

  2. Sunrooms Add a Dramatic Focal Point to Your Home.

    In the past, sunrooms once looked very standard. Today, however, sunrooms are available in a wide variety of styles—each of which can be customized in over 50 different ways! If you want to make a statement, choose an eye-catching design like a gabled or cathedral sunroom; if you want something more subtle but just as practical, choose an integrated sunroom that seamlessly connects to your home's interior space.

  3. Sunrooms Are a Cost-effective Home Addition.

    Compared to the cost of building an extra room onto your house, sunrooms are often a much more affordable way to expand your home's usable living space. And because they add extra square footage, sunrooms can increase your overall property value as well.

    In addition to the monetary bump, a front-facing sunroom installation can add serious curb appeal to your home, which is especially important if you ever plan to put it on the market.

  4. Sunrooms Let You Enjoy the Outdoors Any Time.

    Last but not least, one of the best reasons to add a sunroom to your Albuquerque home is to be able to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors whenever you want. From morning to night, you can read, sip coffee, socialize, or relax in your sunroom without worrying about bad weather, heat, insects, or dirt and debris.

Start Designing Your New Mexico Sunroom Installation Today!

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